Lou Lamoriello Par Lindholm is Trending on Monday April 30 2018

CBC.ca says: Maple Leafs say Lou Lamoriello will not return as GM next season
Toronto Star says: Lou Lamoriello wont be the Leafs GM next season, Shanahan announces

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He had a relationship with Shanahan dating to 1987 when Lamoriello drafted the power forward second overall. Shanahan was able to convince one of his mentors to join him in Toronto, surrendering a third-round pick as compensation. One of Lamoriellos

Lou Lamoriello will not be back as the Maple Leafs general manager next season, the team announced Monday. Brendan Shanahan says he has no timetable for naming Lamoriellos replacement. “I dont have a timetable at this time,” Shanahan said on a

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