Fortnite Rocket Fortnite Rocket Launch Fortnite Rocket Launch Time is Trending on Saturday June 30 2018

The Verge says: Fortnites rocket launch created a spectacular dimensional rift in the sky Forbes says: Heres Everything That Happened When The Rocket Launched In Fortnite: Battle

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After days of teasing something big, Fortnites much-hyped rocket event finally arrived today. Unlike previous ceremonies, this occasion only happens once: if you werent in-game when it happened, you missed out on your chance to experience it
I was lucky enough to get into a Fortnite match just as the rocket launched. I was in a 50 vs 50 match gliding down toward the Evil Lair when the rocket took off, leaving a long trail as it blasted off high above the map. Thats when things got

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